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Tyres for Champions Riders Everyone

Are you ready to take your motorsport experience to the next level? Do you dream of dominating the track and experiencing the thrill of victory? Discover the secret weapon that motorsport enthusiasts around the world are raving about-

Zeneos Victuro

But you asked yourself where can I see the tyres in action in Malaysia? Fret not – as dated back to 13, 14 of May 2023. Zeneos Victuro was featured in “Motul Championship 2023” which held in “Litar Lumba Rakyat Kuala Selangor” in Kuala Selangor

Introducing Zeneos Tyre Technology

Embrace Eco-Friendly Performance:
Revolutionize your ride with Zeneos Tyres featuring Non Aromatic Oil. Say goodbye to chemical odors and hello to a cleaner, greener journey.

Master Every Terrain:
Unleash confidence in every curve with Zeneos Sync Kerf & Sipe Technology. Whether it’s a wet or dry road, your ride remains under your control.

Overcome Boundaries:
Conquer the road with Zeneos Tread Under Cushion innovation. Our specially engineered tire technology by integrating a unique cushioning material between the tread and framework.

Grip Like Never Before:
Elevate your riding experience with Zeneos Advanced Grip Enhancement Design. Precision-engineered patterns, created through cutting-edge computerized design, grant you unmatched control.

Fasten your helmet as we going for a long ride back to 13 and 14 May of 2023!

Motul Championship 2023, Champion #81, Racing with Zeneos Victuro tyre

Bring home the w! Brother81

The MOTUL Championship 2023 will be remembered not only for its breathtaking speed but also for the extraordinary rain-soaked showdown that took place on May 14th 2023, Zeneos, demonstrated their unwavering commitment to innovation and performance, even in the most adverse conditions. As the championship concluded, drenched but triumphant, Zeneos Victuro tires had proven their mettle on both dry and wet tracks, earning respect from drivers, teams, and fans alike.