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In a thrilling display of speed, skill, and teamwork, the motorsports world was treated to an unforgettable weekend on May 13th and 14th, 2023, as the highly anticipated MOTUL Championship took place. This year’s championship was made even more exciting with Zeneos Tyre

Racing enthusiasts from around the states gathered to witness the intense battles and jaw-dropping maneuvers that only the world of motorsports can deliver.


Introducing Zeneos Tyre Technology

🌿 Embrace Eco-Friendly Performance:
Revolutionize your ride with Zeneos Tyres featuring Non Aromatic Oil. Experience the road like never before, with tires that are not only high-performing but also environmentally conscious. Say goodbye to chemical odors and hello to a cleaner, greener journey.


🌧️ Master Every Terrain:
Unleash confidence in every curve with Zeneos Sync Kerf & Sipe Technology. Whether it’s a wet or dry road, our tires adapt seamlessly, ensuring safety and comfort at every turn. Rain or shine, your ride remains under your control. ☔☀️


🛤️ Overcome Boundaries:
Conquer the road with Zeneos Tread Under Cushion innovation. Our specially engineered tire technology eliminates separation concerns by integrating a unique cushioning material between the tread and framework. Smooth rides, mile after mile. 🚵‍♀️🔧


🔒 Grip Like Never Before:
Elevate your riding experience with Zeneos Advanced Grip Enhancement Design. Precision-engineered patterns, created through cutting-edge computerized design, grant you unmatched control. From water dispersion to total mastery, Zeneos tires keep you confidently connected to the road. 💧🏍️

VICTURO – 110/70 17T/L


VICTURO – 90/80 17T/L


VICTURO – 100/70 17T/L


Looking for another series of Zeneos Tyre?

Zeneos Tires are more than just tires; they are a symbol of innovation, performance, and safety. Unleash your drive and embark on a journey of performance, precision, and passion with Zeneos Tires. Your next adventure awaits – take action today and redefine your ride!